Procurement is the most important step in ensuring quality. We procure paddy from prime regions of Madhya Pradesh. We closely monitor the harvest at the start of the season, and a team of experts from the company’s purchase department along with our network of Aartis test and grade the harvest. Experienced professionals identify the heap which fit our parameters. Sophisticated equipments are used to check samples for Admixture, moisture content, broken percentage and length and width of the grain. The bags in not in compliance with our standards and laboratory results are subject to rejection.

Ageing and Storage
Ageing in basmati is as essential as in wine. It enhances the attributes of rice and is done under expert supervision. We make sure the warehouses used for storing rice are 100% hygienic, fumigated at regular intervals and protected from humidity, rodents, infestation and other factors.

Processing and Milling
Our core strength is our production team, which is responsible for high quality of NARMADA basmati rice. Our plant mills both raw and parboiled Basmati and is fully equipped with state of art machinery to ensure consistency in every grain.

Quality Control
Laboratories are an essential part of Quality management. We conduct both in-house and external tests at regular intervals to ensure the high standards set by us. Our team is totally committed to providing the best quality to our customers. We have pioneered the following certifications standards and strive towards achieving products that meet global standards and benchmarks.



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